Collection: The Labyrinth Collection

The Labyrinth Collection consists of 5 different polishes inspired by the movie from the 80's.

Jareth: is a dark gray polish with a blue/purple shifting shimmer, and blue/teal/purple colorshifting chrome flakies. For this polish my inspiration was based on a combination of Jareth's tight gray leggings, and his midnight blue dress coat from the Ballroom dancing scene.

13 hours: is a gold shimmer polish with black, iridescent, and gold and silver holo glitter. My inspiration for this polish is based on the different clocks in the movie.

Ballroom Dreams: is a white polish with a green/gold shifting holographic shimmer, and silver and gold holo glitter throughout. My inspiration for this polish is based on Sarah's dress in the Ballroom scene.

You have no power over me: is a violet polish with a strong blue/purple shifting shimmer. My inspiration for this is when Sarah tells Jareth that he has no power over her, and she comes back to reality.

Should you need us: is a plum/burgundy/brown/copper multichrome polish. My inspiration for this is the scene where Hoggle, and Sarah's other friends from the Labyrinth say Should you need us.