Collection: The Space Collection

The Space Collection is made up of 6 different polishes all named and inspired by things in space. 


Umbra- a black linear holo with silver reflective glitter. May dry slightly textured. Use of top coat will help to smooth it out.


Supernova- a blue base with red/pink/green/orange, and gold shifting shimmers,and micro holo glitters throughout. This polish may dry textured, but using a top coat helps smooth it out. 


Nebula- a cerulean blue base packed with teal/green/blue and purple shifting shimmer, holo flakes, and green/purple/blue chrome flakes throughout.


Pillars of Creation- a teal/green/blue/purple multichrome with holo flakes throughout.


Cosmic Cliffs- A midnight blue/purple/burgundy/copper multichrome with holo flakes throughout. 


Voyager- a linear holographic polish packed with holo flakes, and purple/blue/green/pink/orange/yellow/gold shifting chrome flakies throughout.




Bottle sizes: 15ml each


For longer lasting wear we recommend wearing a good base and top coat.




Swatchers include: