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Sizzlin Shades Nail Lacquer

The Space 2 Collection

The Space 2 Collection

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The Space 2 collection consists of 7 different polishes.


Celestial- is a light blue multichrome with pink, green, teal, and gold shifts.


Starburst- is a holo and flakie topper with blue, green and purple iridescent flakies that have pink, orange, and gold shifts. 

Pleiades-is  a royal blue polish with blue to purple shifting shimmer and silver and blue reflective glitter. This polish is textured. 

Interstellar- is a dark purple jelly with purple, pink, blue and green iridescent flakies, and holo flakes throughout. 

Northern Lights- is a teal based polish with a green, turquoise, blue, and  purple shifting shimmer, holo flakes and a light touch of holo glitter. 

Rosette Nebula- is a magenta polish with pink, orange, and blue shifting shimmer.  (very pigmented and prone to staining.)

Extragalactic- is a dark teal colorshifting polish with green, blue, and purple shimmer, with holo flakes throughout. 

Bottle size: 15 ml 

To make your manicure last longer we recommend wearing a good base coat and a good top coat.

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