Collection: The Valentine's/Anti Valentine's Day Trio

The Valentine's/Anti Valentine's Day Trio consists of 3 different polishes. Each polish is named after a song, and each song a different meaning.


  Lovesong which is based on the song by The Cure. It represents deep love, and feeling comfortable in a relationship. This is the all for Valentine's Day polish.


Fun Fact: Robert Smith, the lead singer of The Cure actually wrote the song for his wife; who he is still with today.



Love Bites is the Anti Valentine's Day polish. It is based on the Def Leppard song. Love Bites is about a relationship that falls apart. 



 Time After Time is based on the song by Cyndi Lauper. This song is about a relationship that had a lot of ups and downs, and in the end just didn't work out. Time After Time represents caring about someone deeply, and always being there even after everything is over. 

 This is the polish in the trio that ties the Pro Valentine's and Anti Valentine's polish together. 




 Lovesong is a red jelly polish with purple shreds. 



Love Bites is a black jelly polish with pink holo glitters in various shapes and sizes, and pink reflective glitter. 



Time After Time is a minty green crelly with 2 different shades of pink flakies that shift to green, and orange 




Bottle size: 16.5 ml




For longer lasting wear we recommend wearing a good base and top coat. 




Swatchers include: